One of the quickest, best approaches to customize your living space is with painting it brightly. Brilliant, soothing, happy, rich—whatever your identity or inclination may be, there’s always a unique paint shade to correlate! Paint your living space with colors that match your personality. Anupam Paints represents considerable authority in making living spaces feel like dream homes through the interior and exterior high-performance home paints. In case you’re hoping to change your house, want to get rid of old walls, it’s a great opportunity to contact Anupam Paints. From start to finish, Anupam Paints are committed to make your home painting a great experience.


Wall putty is used to provide smooth base to the wall surfaces before color painting. Anupam Paints provides powder based unique mixture of superfine putty that can be used in both Interior and Exterior wall surfaces. It is cost efficient, ensures a smooth grain free walls, and even surfaces before getting them painted.

Wall Putty

  • High coverage powder based putty
  • Ensures a smooth, undulation free, and even surface walls
  • Cost efficient
  • Increases paint durability
  • Can be used in both Interior and Exterior wall surfaces

Wall Acrylic Putty

  • Water based putty Provides rich smooth finish
  • Primarily for Interior Wall, asbestos, ceiling
  • Unique design and consistency
  • Easy-applicable, long-term maintenance free life
  • Excellent fitting, levelling and sanding properties

Interior Primers

Anupam Paints offers a wide range of interior acrylic primers to protect your interior walls. Primers are necessary simply because it improves adhesion of paint and thereby increases durability; modify the look of the paint. Anupam Paints supplies primers with superior opacity and whiteness, ideal for interior masonry, asbestos & wood surfaces.

White primer

  • Long-lasting make for interior walls
  • Superior whiteness
  • Low fragrance primer provides hard tough film
  • Easy-applicable air drying, good for wood, asbestos surfaces
  • Increases paint durability

Cement Primer

  • 100% Acrylic based primer for interior masonry & asbestos surfaces
  • Superior opacity with high chalking resistance
  • Free from heavy metals
  • Providing hard & tough film and better top coat coverage
  • Holds excellent durability

Exterior Primers

Anupam Paints specially formulated exterior primers are ideal for exterior surfaces to protect them from heavy rainfall and humidity. Some of the primers are with triple booster formulation that fights against dampness, efflorescence, and alkalinity, at the same time acts as a superior undercoat for direct top coat applications.

Cement Primer

  • Value-for-money acrylic primer
  • Ideal for protecting surfaces from low to medium rainfall
  • Reduces surface porosity and efflorescence
  • Reduces the absorption of the surface
  • Extra whiteness and excellent opacity

Exterior weather coat primer

  • Water based, anti-efflorescent primer acts as superior undercoat
  • keep exterior surfaces free from microbial and fungal attacks
  • Fights against dampness, efflorescence, and alkalinity
  • Provides a suitable undercoat for exterior emulsions
  • It helps to provide a longer life of total paint system

Interior Emulsions

Anupam Paints offers high-quality interior designer emulsions that bring your old walls to life. This range shows super cleanability, durability and stain resistance. Interior emulsions incorporate luxury to your walls with its silky smooth finish, aesthetic appeal, supreme lustre and exotic colors. Some of the products give a rich, velvety soft appearance to your interior walls.

  • Durable, water based, low odour and washable luxury paints
  • Offers rich shimmer to your walls with a sheer touch of sophistication
  • Available in shine, glossy matt finish incorporated with advanced technology
  • Maximum products of this range are washable, available in a wide range of shades
  • Exhibits non-fading, non-yellowing property and high durability

Exterior Emulsions

One of the most innovative offerings of Anupam Paints come incorporated with advanced water
repellence and dust guard technology. It’s unique composition provides long term protection from all the external environmental conditions. Some of the high quality acrylic paints hold heat reflecting characteristics to keep your house cool as well as giving it a rich sophisticated look from outside.

  • Superior, durable, high sheen exterior wall paints
  • Excellent water repellence and dust repellence properties
  • Rich, soft finish, can resist extreme weather conditions
  • Clean, dirt free, dampness free exterior walls for ages
  • Hold high resistance to cracking


Unlike ordinary distempers, Anupam Paints offers the best value-for-money distempers that give superior whiteness and better coverage capacity. We offer water based acrylic co-polymer emulsion designed to provide unparallel whiteness to the walls. The distempers give an emulsion like finish at a lower cost.

  • Superior whiteness and better coverage capacity
  • Gives emulsion like hi finish at low cost
  • Acrylic-based distemper to give you better coverage and durability
  • Gives surfaces an elegant look
  • Wide range of colors

Texture Finishes

Anupam Paints offers The most innovative exterior textured paint designed on latest technology comes with a shield of advanced prolonged protection of exterior walls in heavy rainfall areas. Products are formulated with sustained research and development & incorporated with silicon & PU technology. It provides excellent protection against extreme rain, fungus and algae growth on exterior walls. It’s unique properties give superior sheen finish and keep walls looking fresh, dirt free for years. The products show excellent adhesion, luxurious glossy or matt finish that gives your walls the perfect textured look.

  • Fine grain textured finish for ultimate sophistication
  • Plain, pattern stencil – available in all those textures
  • Superior water repellence capacity
  • Resist the damaging effects of pollution
  • Offers an ultra modern and aesthetic appeal


Anupam Paints offers high-quality interior and exterior coatings to fight against dampness, algae, efflorescence cracks, and color fading. Our waterproofing range is recommended for versatile uses like any concrete structure prone to be affected by damp or already affected, bathroom, Kitchen, wash places, exterior walls of water tanks, surface protection system of structural concrete from rising dampness. The products show excellent waterproofing property with added special features like excellent water repellency, remarkably distinct anti-efflorescence effect. The purpose is to make paints perfectly breathable which allows water vapour to pass through while blocking liquid water.

  • Products of this range fight against dampness, efflorescence, and alkalinity
  • Excellent protection against extreme rain, fungus and algal growth on walls
  • Formulated to keep walls looking fresh, maintenance free for years
  • Incorporated with innovative dust guard technology
  • Different product range to protect tiles, roof, tank exterior, and interiors.

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