Anucryl - TSA : Thermosetting Acrylic Coating  


Product Description :


Anucryl - TSA coating is a one component, heat curing, high solids, acrylic melamine finish which has a high crosslink density and excellent gloss and chemical resistance. It outperforms alkyd/amino-baking systems in regard to durability and mechanical properties. It can be successfully applied on steel, aluminium and brass surfaces.


Features and Benefits :-

Can be applied by conventional spray.
Tough and durable finish.

Excellent gloss and colour resistance properties.

Has a very high mechanical strength in comparison to conventional stoving finishes.

Good adhesion and hardness over ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Does not contain any lead and toxic metals.
Resistant to staining.

Very good chemical and abrasion resistance.

Excellent resistance to lubricants and fuels.


Recommended Uses :-


Domestic Appliances

Brass Surfaces

Aluminium Surfaces


Automotive Components

Metal Decorating

Bathroom Fittings

Fans, Ovens, Toasters etc.



Anucryl - TSA


Single pack heat cured


Acrylic/Melamine Resins, pigments and solvents


Clear and range of colours including metallics


Smooth & Glossy / Matt

Solids percent by weight (120°C for 1 hour)

45 ± 2

Supply Viscosity @ 30°C

50 ± 5 seconds in Ford Cup No. B/4

Thinner Intake

10 to 30%

Application Viscosity

20 to 22 seconds in Ford Cup No. B/4

Dry film thickness per coat

25 to 30 microns

Coverage - theoretical

Coverage - practical

8 to 9 m² per litre

6 to 7 m² per litre

Serviceability @ 30°C

Flash off

Baking Schedule


10 to 15 minutes

30 mins at 130°C or 15- 20 minutes at 150°C


Anucryl - TSA Thinner

Application Temperatures






Flash Point

> 27°C

Outdoor Durability and Corrosion Resistance


Dry heat resistance



Flammable. Keep away from heat and open flame. Maintain good ventilation and avoid breathing vapours.


1, 4 & 20 litres

Shelf Life

12 months

  Mixing and Application :-  

Mix Anucryl - TSA in a clean container made of either glass or plastic. Reduce to application viscosity of 20 to 22 seconds by adding recommended thinner. The surface to be coated must be free from old paint, dirt, oils, corrosion, grease etc. and must be dried. It can be applied either by conventional spray, airless spray or by dipping process.


Notes :-


Spray equipment should be cleaned with Ancryl - TSA Thinner

The content should be stirred thoroughly prior to use.

This coating should always be thinned with Anucryl - TSA Thinner. The use of alternative thinners can severely inhibit the curing mechanism of the coating.

Disclaimer :-


Information provided herein is based upon tests believed to be reliable. It does not guarantee the results to be obtained. Nor does it make any express and implied warranty or merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose concerning the effects or results of such case. It does not release you from the obligation to test the products supplied by us as to their suitability for the intended uses. The application, surface preparation and use of the products are beyond our control and, therefore, entirely your own responsibility.

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