Anticora - MIO Epoxy High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide Coating  


Product Description :


Anticora - MIO is a two-component high build epoxy coating ideally suited for exterior application. It is highly tough and abrasion resistant and has increased weather resistance. Anticora - MIO is pigmented with micaceous iron oxide (MIO), a lamellar plate-like pigment that forms a thick lustrous layer after application. As the coating dries, the very thin platelet shaped pigment particles orient themselves parallel to the substrate to give an armoured effect to the film and also act as an impediment to the diffusion of oxygen and moisture through the film.

Features and Benefits :

Easy to apply and can be applied via airless spray, conventional spray, brush or roller.

Can be used as primer, intermediate cum finish coat.

Very high resistance to the permeability of water, moisture, oxygen and other atmospheric pollutants.

Has high resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage.

Has superior chemical and weather resistance.

It solves the problem of chalking as it is unattacked by UV-radiation because of the shielding action of the lamellar pigment particles.

Ideal for high humidity, moisture, marine atmospheres, heavy rains, high temperatures and damp conditions.

Excellent resistance to dilute acids, alkalis and certain solvents.  

High solids and cost-effective.


Recommended uses :




Metal Bridges


Storage Tanks

Petro-chemical Plants

Chemical Plants

Steel Plants

Power Plants

Fertilizer Plants

Off-shore Platforms

Marine Installations

Food Processing Plants

Water Treatment Plants

Exterior Steel Structures

Railway Wagons and Coaches

  Surface Preparation :  

Steel - The surface should be blast cleaned to SSPC-SP 10-63T or NACE No. 2 i.e. loose rust and scales, dirt, grease, oil, paint, wax, weak oxide films and other contaminants should be removed. Blast cleaning to SSPC-SP 5-63 or NACE No. 1 is recommended where heavy corrosive conditions exist or coating is required to be immersed. That means a surface with a grey metallic colour, slightly roughened to form a suitable anchor pattern for coatings. This surface is free of all oil, grease, dirt, mill scale, rust, corrosion products, oxides, paint and other foreign matter. In absence of blast cleaning, prepare the metal surface by wire brushing, sanding, grinding, scrapping or chipping with hand or power tools. Remove all the contaminants. Apply one coat of Anticora EZP 500 Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer or Anticora EZC 500 Epoxy Zinc Chrome Primer. Then apply one or two coats Anticora - MIO. It can be overcoated with Durapoxy 200 Epoxy Enamel, Anuthane Enamel Polyurethane or Monocoat Enamel Polyurethane.

Galvanized Iron: Remove dirt, dust, oil, old paint etc. Degrease the surface with degreasing solvents like xylene or tri-chloroethylene. Apply one coat of Anuprime - 291 Wash Primer for obtaining maximum adhesion. Apply one coat of Anticora EZP 500 or Anticora EZC 500 Epoxy Zinc Chrome Primer followed by one or two coats of Anticora - MIO.





Anticora - MIO


Two pack cold cured


Epoxy Resin / MIO


Brownish Grey


Smooth and Matt to Eggshell

Volume Solids (mixed)

53± 3%

Mixing Ratio

Base : Hardener

4 : 1 by volume

Pot Life @ 30° C

6 to 8 hours

Dry film thickness per coat

100 to 125 microns

Coverage-(theoretical-no loss)

5.3 to 4.24 m² /litre

Serviceability @ 30° C

Dry to touch

Hard Dry


Full Cure


1 hour

8 hours

16-24 hours

7 days

Induction (Sweat-in-time) @ 30° C

30 minutes

Dry heat resistance

175° C

Relative Humidity


Application Temperature




12° C

35° C


Anusol - ETP Thinner

Flash Point

22° C


4 & 20 litres

Shelf Life

6 months


Flammable. Keep away from heat and open flame. Maintain good ventilation and avoid breathing vapours.

Notes :-  
Brushes and spray equipments should be cleaned with Anusol - ETP Epoxy Thinner.
The contents should be stirred thoroughly prior to use.

After mixing Base and Hardener in recommended proportions, allow for 30 minutes induction period or sweat-in-time (maturing) before application.

When overcoating the weathered or aged Anticora - MIO, ensure that the coating is fully free from all contamination such as oil, dust, grease, stains etc.

This coating should always be thinned with Anusol - ETP Epoxy Thinner. The use of alternative thinners can severely inhibit the curing mechanism of the coating.

Disclaimer :-


Information provided herein is based upon tests believed to be reliable. It does not guarantee the results to be obtained. Nor does it make any express and implied warranty or merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose concerning the effects or results of such case. It does not release you from the obligation to test the products supplied by us as to their suitability for the intended uses. The application, surface preparation and use of the products are beyond our control and, therefore, entirely your own responsibility.  

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