Anuzinc 235 EP : Epoxy Zinc Rich Coating  


Product Description :


Anuzinc 235 EP is an epoxy resin based high performance coating formulated for extreme marine and industrial environments and is highly suitable for priming iron and steel surfaces or touching up damaged zinc coatings on galvanized or zinc sprayed surfaces.

Features and Benefits :

Easy to apply and can be applied via airless spray and conventional spray. Only small areas can be brushed.

Can be applied to blast cleaned steel without problems of cracking and flaking.

Contains high amount of metallic zinc in the dry film to ensure contact between metallic zinc and steel in a corrosive environment, that results in the steel being protected by sacrificial action of zinc. In other words, zinc becomes anode in the corrosion cell and the steel is cathodically protected.

Does not rely on humidity, oxygen or temperature to dry properly.

Can be used as the primer for the surfaces that require spot welding.

Has no deterious effect on normal cutting and welding operations.

Extremely tough and abrasion resistant.

Offers excellent resistance to corrosion both as pre-construction primer and as top-coated primer in the coating system. 

Ideal for use as a field primer on interior and exterior steel as part of a system to be top-coated with epoxy and polyurethane topcoats.

A rust inhibitive primer over iron and steel and protects steel from atmospheric corrosion.
Provides much higher degree of protection than conventional primers in severe corrosive conditions.

Excellent resistance to corrosion, natural weathering, salt spray, impact, humidity etc.


Recommended uses :




Steel structures

Marine and Shore Installations

Areas exposed to chemical fumes, fresh and salt water.

Structural steel for piping for petroleum and chemical industries.

Ship Hulls

Oil Drilling Rigs and Platforms

Steel used in stocks and wharves.

Barges and small watercrafrs.

Blasted Steel Surfaces

Shop and field application

Cargo and ballast tanks

Shipbuilding Industry

  Surface Preparation :  

Steel - The surface should be blast cleaned to SSPC-SP 10-63T or NACE No. 2 i.e. loose rust and scales, dirt, grease, oil, paint, wax, weak oxide films and other contaminants should be removed. Blast cleaning to SSPC-SP 5-63 or NACE No. 1 is recommended where heavy corrosive conditions exist or coating is required to be immersed. That means a surface with a grey metallic colour, slightly roughened to form a suitable anchor pattern for coatings. This surface is free of all oil, grease, dirt, mill scale, rust, corrosion products, oxides, paint and other foreign matter. Hand or power tool cleaning is not effective. Remove all the contaminants. Apply one coat of Anuzinc 235 EP. It can be over-coated with Durapoxy 200 Epoxy Enamel, Anuthane Enamel Polyurethane or Monocoat Enamel Polyurethane and  Anuchlor 555 LB Chlorinated Rubber Enamel.


It is recommended that priming should be carried out within 4 hours if inside a building, but if exposed to weather, the steel must be coated immediately after blasting. Should it become necessary to leave cleaned surfaces unpainted overnight, such surfaces must be re-cleaned before painting. Paint only on dry surfaces. Do not paint exterior surfaces in damp weather or when the temperature is less than 10° C. The dry film thickness (DFT) should not be less than the DFT specified. It is recommended that one coat of Anuzinc 235 EP at 25 microns minimum DFT should be applied on shot blasted steel whereas one coat at 50 microns DFT is required for grit blasted steel for best protection. More coats can be applied as per requirements.


In common with epoxy coatings generally, over-coating should be carried out within 24-48 hours or left for 7 days when the coating has cured completely. However, Anuzinc 235 EP can be over-coated after 16 hours. Care must be taken while over-coating the primed surface. Oil, grease, dirt etc. should be removed by degreasing the surface with degreasing solvents like tri-chloroethylene or xylene and subsequently washed off with fresh water. The surface should be allowed to dry before painting.





Anuzinc 235 EP


Two pack cold cured


Epoxy / Metallic Zinc




Smooth and Matt

Volume Solids (mixed)

38± 3%

Mixing Ratio

Base : Hardener

3 : 1 by volume

Pot Life @ 30° C

6 to 8 hours

Dry film thickness per coat

25 to 50 microns

Coverage-(theoretical-no loss)

15.2 to 7.6 m² /litre

Serviceability @ 30° C

Dry to touch

Hard Dry


Full Cure


30 minutes

16 hours

16-24 hours

7 days

Induction (Sweat-in-time) @ 30° C

30 minutes

Dry heat resistance

150° C

Relative Humidity


Application Temperature




10° C

35° C


Anusol - ETP Thinner

Flash Point

25° C


4 & 20 litres

Shelf Life

6 months


Flammable. Keep away from heat and open flame. Maintain good ventilation and avoid breathing vapours.

Notes :-  
The contents should be stirred thoroughly prior to use.
After mixing Base and Hardener in recommended proportions, allow for 30 minutes induction period or sweat-in-time (maturing) before application.

When overcoating the weathered or aged Anuzinc 235 EP, ensure that the coating is fully free from all contamination such as oil, dust, grease, stains etc.

This coating should be thinned with Anusol - ETP Epoxy Thinner. The use of alternative thinners can  inhibit the curing mechanism of the coating.


Disclaimer :-


Information provided herein is based upon tests believed to be reliable. It does not guarantee the results to be obtained. Nor does it make any express and implied warranty or merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose concerning the effects or results of such case. It does not release you from the obligation to test the products supplied by us as to their suitability for the intended uses. The application, surface preparation and use of the products are beyond our control and, therefore, entirely your own responsibility.

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