Anupam’s Intumescent Fire Retardant Coating,
Strengthen your first line of defense

100% Tested

  • Tested in 15 min flame test
  • Smooth matt white finish

Excellent Protection

  • Provides effective thermal barrier
  • Protects from fire spreading

Easy Application

  • Can be top-coated with latex paints
  • Ideal for fire prone areas


  • Contains non-toxic chemicals
  • Water based latex paints

Best Price

  • 40 to 60% cost savings in every way
  • Application by brush, roller & spray

Product Support

  • Expert Product guidance
  • Datasheets and best in class support
Bearing Capacity
in Exposure to Fire
of Durability


Eco-friendly, non-toxic, water-based latex coating for interior and exterior applications. Ideal for most metallic and non-metallic surfaces like steel, aluminum, wood plyboard, plastics, electrical cables, and any surfaces that require protection from fire.

Provides effective heat shield and insulation to the substrate when subject to fire. It swells 60 to 100 times than that of its original thickness forming a stable physical barrier between the flame and the substrate.

Passed through a robust flame test, on wood surface for 15 minutes, obtained better result and less damage ratio than other conventional fire retardant paints.

No special surface preparation is required. Easy application by brush, roller & air less spray, smooth matt finish, can be top-coated with latex and two-component polyurethane paints for exterior applications.

40 to 60% cost savings because of its versatile domestic and industrial uses. It can be applied to most metallic and non-metallic surfaces like steel, aluminium, wood plyboard, plastics, electrical cables or fire prone areas and any surfaces that require protection from fire.

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