Our Products​

Luxury Emulsion
Pearl Glow​

Made with specially designed Pure Acrylic
washable emulsion which gives a high sheen and glamorous look to the wall.

Luxury Exterior Emulsion
Anti Dirt

It is a Luxury Exterior Emulsion design with 100% Acrylic
special Emulsion & suitable Pigmented to give a tough surface to prevent dirt pick up and long
life for Seven years.

Luxury Enamel
HI Gloss

Azura Hi-Gloss Luxury Enamel is the most advanced glossy paint with excellent film integrity and built-in-toughness. It extends a luxurious, brilliant glossy finish to the surface for years. Recommended for use in wood & iron structure both interior & exterior surface.

super acrylic exterior emulsion

It is a water-based emulsion paint, meeting the protective and decorative needs of your building’s exterior. It is a fast dry coating with good coverage and adhesion.

Super Acrylic Emulsion

Anex Super Acrylic Emulsion is an acrylic based economy Interior quality emulsion paint with a smooth matt finish, much superior to distemper & better coverage, but at a cost marginally higher. Anex Super Acrylic is an assurance of beautiful, attractive walls that lasts for years.

Pemium Interior Primer
Superwhite Water Thinnable

Specially designed Acrylic Interior White Primer WT for
all interior Masonry, Asbestos & Brickworks Surfaces.

Premium Dual primer
super white

It is a specially designed water thinnable acrylic primer for interior & exterior walls. Azura Dual Primer can be used Interior Masonry, Asbestos, Brickworks Surfaces.

Exterior primer
super white water thinnable

Specially designed, suitably pigmented Acrylic
Exterior WT White Primer for Exterior Masonry, Asbestos & Brickworks Surfaces.

Zinc Chromate Primer

Anex Zinc Chromate Primer Yellow is synthetic Resin based suitably pigmented with Zinc Chromate, other minerals & additives. It gives a strong bonding with metal surfaces to protect it from corrosion & erosions. It is having better corrosion resistance power over Red Oxide Primer.

Red Oxide Primer
solvent thinnable

Red Oxide Primer, is an oil modified alkyd-based Primer suitably pigmented with micro fine red oxide and extenders. It is ideal for ferrous metal surfaces. It is free from heavy metals like lead, mercury and chromium.

Red Oxide Primer Zinc Chromate Primer
IS 2074 (P)

Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer IS 2074 (P) is specially designed with superior synthetic Resin & suitably pigmented primer to protect MS surface.

Aluminium Paint
Ready Use

Azura Super Lustre Aluminium Paints is a single pack ‘ready to use’ Aluminium Paint. Based on a specially design synthetic Resin, it incorporates flake Aluminium with a high leafing quality producing a smooth film with more uniform colour.

Wud Glaze
Ready Use PU

Azura PU Wudglaze is a single pack specially formulated PU glossy finish. It gives a coating that will protect and maintain the natural beauty of your wooden product for years. Its excellent weather resistance and non-staining qualities prevent the yellowing of the surface and increase the durability of your products.

Anex Putty
super adhesion cement based

Anex White Cement Based Putty fills uneven surfaces in cement plastered walls, ceiling or concrete surfaces giving a protective base for your expensive paints. It fill up the surface porosity to save the paints consumption and save money.