Product Description :

Anumastic – 102 is two-component high solid high build epoxy mastic maintenance coating. This self-priming coating exhibits superior adhesion to bare, lightly rusted or previously painted steel. This flexible coating has exceptional combination of corrosion, abrasion, chemical and impact resistance, plus impermeability to gases and vapours not possessed by any other coating.

Features and Benefits :

  • Easy to apply and can be applied via airless spray, conventional spray, brush or roller.
  • Can be used as primer, intermediate or topcoat
  • Anumastic – 102 is filled with metal flakes which orient themselves in the film in such a manner as to form a labyrinth. As Anumastic – 102 cures, chemical reaction between hardener, epoxy resin and metal flakes cause the metal flakes to form into a plate-like structure. It is the plate-like structure of the metal flakes that retards the passage of corrosive elements through the film by lengthening the path they must travel. Corrosive molecules must take the circuitous route around the layers of the metal flakes. Also, the high film build increases the distance corrosives must travel to reach the substrate.
  • The tremendous Anumastic – 102 advantage over conventional coatings is that it penetrates right through existing rust down to the steel substrate because of its excellent wetting ability. Most conventional coatings do not have this ability.
  • The binder in Anumastic – 102 is shielded against degradation by ultra-violet light from the sun and other sources because metal flakes are opaque.
  • It can be applied over many types of coatings like alkyds, without crazing, lifting or exhibiting poor adhesion.
  • Formulated with lead and chromate-free rust inhibitive pigments to provide maximum protection against severe weather, moisture and general chemical attack.

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