Product Description :

Anuprime – 291 Wash Primer is two-component self-etch primer suitable for use on non-ferrous metals to provide excellent inter-coat adhesion between the substrate and the top-coats since adhesion of coatings is poor on galvanized iron, aluminium, zinc, light alloys etc.

Features and Benefits :

  • Can be applied either by conventional or airless spray. Only small areas can be brushed.
  • Can tolerate surface moisture and damp when applied.
  • Ease in handling and application.
  • Excellent adhesive bond with minimum air-cure time which then allows immediate application of the next coating.
  • Have ideal touch-up capabilities, even in applications that require spot-welding.
  • Most commonly used at the job-site as blast or holding primer.
  • Modifies the metallic surface to produce a tightly adherent film composed of chromates, phosphates or oxide.
  • While inferior surface preparation can never be recommended, ANUPRIME-291 WASH PRIMER can tolerate adverse conditions of surface preparation and applications with shorter life and can directly be applied over tightly adherent mill scale and even over small amount of rust.

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