Product Description :

Blastprime EZP 200 is a fast drying, abrasion resistant blast primer suitable for application in the workshop to fabricated steel units. It is designed for thin-film application to provide short-term (typically 6 months) protection to structural steel prior to or after fabrication. It may be cut and welded through.

Features and Benefits :

  • Can be applied via airless spray and conventional spray. Only small areas can be brushed.
  • Protects steel surfaces until further coats are applied.
  • Ideal for use where steel work is likely to be exposed for appreciable periods before being overcoated and is most suitable for on-site application.
  • Provides much higher degree of protection than conventional primers in severe corrosive conditions.
  • Has no deterious effect on normal cutting and welding operations. .
  • Does not emit toxic and noxius fumes during cure.
  • Has excellent physical properties and the cured coating is compatible with most coatings.
  • Offers excellent resistance to corrosion both as pre-construction primer and as top-coated primer in the coating system.

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