Product Description :

Anuthane Sealer is air drying two-component, extremely durable, high solids, acrylic polyurethane sealer with superior sanding and high build properties.

Recommended uses :

Anuthane Sealer is used mainly for exterior finishing of wood. It is recommended for application over particle board, veneer and open-pore substrates. Also suitable for variety of timbers such as rubber wood, pine wood, nyatoh, oak etc.

Surface Preparation :

Wood: Always select seasoned wood for excellent wood finishing. The wooden surface to be coated must be dry and free from dust, oils, grease and other foreign matter. Sand the surface with dry sandpaper no. 180 or with any other suitable type until the surface is smooth. Remove all dust. Fill the grains with Anupam Wood Filler and after drying, sand with sandpaper no. 280 or 320.

Mixing and Application :

 Mix base and hardener components of Anuthane Sealer in recommended ratio in a clean container. Do not mix more than can be used within 8 hours. Allow the mixture to mature for 30 minutes before application. Apply a coat of Anuthane Sealer and after 16 hours of drying, scuff with sandpaper no. 320 or higher. Remove all dust. Further coats are recommended until the surface becomes smooth. If wood stains are required, apply a coat of spirit based or water based stain on the sealer. Apply a coat of Anuthane Enamel (clear or pigmented) as suggested above for Anuthane Sealer. More coats can be applied for achieving desired finish.