Product Description :

Duracoat – 6000 is a two-component high solid epoxy coating designed to provide excellent protection in demanding environments and is especially suited as a tank coating in petroleum products industry.

Features and Benefits :

  • Easy to apply and can be applied via airless spray, conventional spray, brush or roller.
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion, erosion, abrasion, chemical attack and other destructive conditions.
  • Serves as single protective coat that results in fewer labour stops, less down time and lower application costs. (Topcoats are recommended for maximum protection.)
  • Provides excellent resistance to dilute acids, alkalis, crude oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, gasoline, jet fuel, salt water, and water.
  • Can be applied over metal and concrete surfaces.
  • Noted for its excellent adhesion, toughness, abrasion resistance and overall chemical and solvent resistance.
  • Suitable for varied end applications i.e. ideal for heavy industrial, chemical, marine, splash and spillage, fresh water, sea water and chemical immersion.

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