Product Description :

Duratop is a 100% solids, epoxy resin based floor topping designed to provide an attractive, seamless, maintenance-free surface that resists most dilute acids, alkalis and normal cleaning solutions. It provides the multi-purpose treatment to concrete floor surfaces by way of sealing, case hardening, and producing a tough, non-dusting, long-life, hard-wearing, anti-slip, hygienic and pleasant floors. It is specially developed for low cost application in areas where hard-wearing protection is required for floors subject to either foot or light vehicle traffic.

Features and Benefits :

  • Duratop has been specially formulated from a powerful epoxy resin adhesive system, designed to penetrate and strengthen porous surfaces such as concrete.
  • It is a self-priming floor topping, which primes and finishes the floors in one step operation.
  • Provides 100% dust free and easy to clean surfaces with great aesthetic or decorative appeal.
  • Unaffected by extreme heat, cold or humidity and is both durable and waterproof.
  • Excellent resistance to dilute acids, alkalis, oils and fats, salts, solvents, household chemicals, detergents etc.
  • It withstands light forklift and foot traffic.
  • Has very high compressive and flexural strengths.
  • It cures relatively very fast and with almost negligible shrinkage.

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