Product Description

Fire Seal is a water based intumescent fire retardant latex coating for interior and exterior (top-coating required) applications. When subjected to fire, it swells 60 to 100 times than that of its original thickness forming a stable and inert carboneous char which forms a physical barrier between the flame and the substrate. This char thermally insulates the substrate from heat and stops the availability of oxygen required for fire initiation. It provides effective heat shield and insulation to the substrates. It provides fire protection to most metallic and non-metallic substrates.

Surface Preparation

No special surface preparation is required. The surface should be clean and dry, free of dirt, oil, loose scales or paint and other foreign matter. On porous surfaces or flaky rusty surfaces, loose flakes and / or rusty scales must be removed by scraping and a proper surface suitable for application of the coating restored. Coating on the primed surfaces must be sanded and / or primed or removed prior to painting. Apply one coat of Anticora EZP 500 : Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer and allow it to dry for 24 hours.

Application Procedure

Due to possible settling of pigments during shipping and storage, the product should be thoroughly mixed.  Do not mix water into the paint. If at all required, water to the tune of 5% maximum can be added. Apply a coat of Fire Seal liberally so that dry film thickness of 250 microns is achieved and allow it to cure for 24 hours. Apply second coat of @ 250 microns dry film thickness and allow the same to dry. The total DFT being 500 microns minimum.


Fire Seal can be top-coated with latex paints and two-component polyurethane paints for exterior applications.


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