Product Description :

Anticora – MIO is a two-component high build epoxy coating ideally suited for exterior application. It is highly tough and abrasion resistant and has increased weather resistance. Anticora – MIO is pigmented with micaceous iron oxide (MIO), a lamellar plate-like pigment that forms a thick lustrous layer after application. As the coating dries, the very thin platelet shaped pigment particles orient themselves parallel to the substrate to give an armoured effect to the film.

Features and Benefits :

  • Easy to apply and can be applied via airless spray, conventional spray, brush or roller.
  • Can be used as primer, intermediate cum finish coat.
  • Very high resistance to the permeability of water, moisture, oxygen and other atmospheric pollutants.
  • Has high resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage.
  • Has superior chemical and weather resistance.
  • It solves the problem of chalking as it is unattacked by UV-radiation because of the shielding action of the lamellar pigment particles.
  • Ideal for high humidity, moisture, marine atmospheres, heavy rains, high temperatures and damp conditions.
  • Excellent resistance to dilute acids, alkalis and certain solvents.
  • High solids and cost-effective.

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