Anupam Paints and Coatings offers conventional excellent and high-performance miscellaneous coatings ideal for top coating metals. These coatings can tolerate surface moisture and damp when applied. Our Heatguard high resistant coating range can withstand several thousand hours of continuous exposures at certain temperatures. FRP and PP primers provide excellent adhesion when top coated with a wide range of finishes. Contact Anupam Paints for more details and functionality of this coating range as Anupam Paints has a remarkable amount of experience in distributing premium quality of products.

Anuprime 291: Etch / Wash Primer
Anuprime – 291 Wash Primer is two-component self-etch primer suitable for use on non-ferrous metals to provide excellent inter-coat adhesion between the substrate and the top-coats since adhesion of coatings is poor on galvanized iron, aluminum, zinc, light alloys etc.
Heatguard : High Heat Resistant Silicone Coating
Heatguard coatings are silicone resin Aluminium based high heat resistant coatings designed to withstand temperatures from 450° C to 650° C. Imparts thermal stability and resistance to oxidation and do not get burnt, blister, peeled off or destroyed at higher temperatures.
PP & FRP Primer: Primers For Plastic Surfaces
Anupam PP and FRP Primers are air drying single pack primers that promote excellent adhesion of coatings on polypropylene and FRP substrates. These primers provide excellent adhesion when topcoated with a wide range of finishes.
Thermosetting Acrylic Enamel

Anucryl – TSA coating is one component, heat curing, high solids, acrylic melamine finish which has a high crosslink density and excellent gloss and chemical resistance. It outperforms alkyd/amino-baking systems in regard to durability and mechanical properties.

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