Through our Sustained Research & Development, we have customized and yield different protective coatings to serve the purpose of long-term protection. The products show excellent resistance to corrosion, erosion, abrasion, chemical attack and other destructive conditions and provide excellent resistance to dilute acids alkalis, crude oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, gasoline, jet fuel, salt water. From house, buildings to big industrial machines, Anupam Paints wide range of high performance coatings have been protecting equipment and infrastructure for more than 40 years.

Durapoxy 200: Epoxy Enamel
Durapoxy 200 is a two-component high solid epoxy coating formulated for demanding marine and chemical environments. The cured coating offers excellent adhesion to metals, wood, concrete etc. and combines hardness with good flexibility.
Coroguard SBP 100 : Coal Tar Epoxy
Coroguard SBP – 100 is high solids, high build polyamide cured coal tar epoxy coating. The outstanding water resistance of coal tar, chemical and solvent resistance, toughness and adhesion, combine to give excellent corrosion protection.
Anticora EZP 500: Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer
Anticora EZP 500 is a two-component high solid primer with lead free rust inhibitive pigmentation. A rust inhibitive primer over iron and steel that provides much higher degree of protection than conventional primers.
Anticora EZC 500: Epoxy Zinc Chrome Primer
Anticora EZC 500 is a two-component epoxy polyamide anticorrosive high performance primer containing zinc chrome as rust inhibitive pigment. It cures to a tough and highly rust preventive coat ideal for use over steel surfaces.
Duracoat – 6000 : Epoxy High Build Coating
Duracoat – 6000 is a two-component high solid epoxy coating designed to provide excellent resistance to acids and protection in demanding environments and is especially suited as a tank coating in petroleum products industry.
Anticora – MIO Epoxy High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide Coating
Anticora – MIO is a two-component epoxy coating shows high resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage, suited for exterior applications. It is highly tough pigmented with micaceous iron oxide and abrasion resistant and has increased weather resistance.
Anuzinc 235 EP : Epoxy Zinc Rich Coating
Anuzinc 235 EP is an epoxy resin based high-performance coating formulated for extreme marine and industrial environments and is highly suitable for priming iron and steel surfaces or touching up damaged zinc coatings on galvanized or zinc sprayed surfaces.

Blastprime EZP 200: Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Blast Primer
Blastprime EZP 200 is a fast drying, abrasion resistant blast primer suitable for application in the workshop to fabricated steel units. It is designed for thin-film application to provide short-term protection to structural steel prior to or after fabrication.
Anuchlor CZP 500 : High Build Chlorinated Rubber Primer
Anuchlor CZP 500 is a high build primer for structural steel surfaces based on plasticized chlorinated rubber and pigmented with zinc phosphate rust inhibiting pigment. It can be over coated with conventional and chlorinated rubber topcoats.
Anuchlor – MIO
Anuchlor – MIO is high performance high build chlorinated rubber based coating renders hard, inert film pigmented with micaceous iron oxide (MIO) pigment. MIO is a lamellar plate-like pigment that forms a thick lustrous layer after application.
Anuchlor 555 LB : Chlorinated Rubber Enamel
Anuchlor 555 LB is a high performance coating based on plasticized chlorinated rubber and suitably pigmented for heavy-duty protection in severe moisture and chemical laden environments. Hard film shows excellent residence to alkalis and dilute acids.
Monocoat Enamel : Aliphatic Polyurethane
Anuthane enamel is a two-component, durable, high solid, high build, aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating that combines superb corrosion and chemical resistance with the attractiveness of high gloss coatings. It is available in both glossy and matt versions.
Anuthane Enamel Aliphatic Polyurethane Premium Coating
Anuthane Enamel is air drying two-component, extremely durable, high solid, aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating with superior gloss and color retention when subjected to prolonged and severe atmospheric conditions. Available in matt finish also.

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