House Painting

The successful protection of various substrates with paints and coatings depends upon several important factors including selection of a painting system, surface-preparation and application techniques. Anupam Paints Technical Service Department will work with you to recommend the right product to meet your every unique requirement.

Anupam Paints offers
  • Wide variety of products
  • Technical Service Consultations and suggestions
  • Recommendation to choose the right product
  • Product and user guidance
  • Product guidance before, during and after paint application, if required
  • Superior performance through service and technology

Floor Painting

We offer 100% solids Epoxy Floor Coatings that are easy to apply and provide maximum durability for lasting protection. They are ideal for restoring eroded concrete and for use in high traffic and severe condition areas.

Anupam Paints offers
  • High class self-priming floor topping, which primes and finishes the floors in one step operation
  • Maintenance-free floor topping that results in fewer labour stops
  • Cost-efficient complete floor coating range
  • Non-dusting, long-life, anti-slip, hygienic and pleasant floor coatings
  • Product guidance, expert advice before and after application
  • Products manufactured for industrial application where floors need replacing, repairing or protecting

Industrial Painting

Industrial paints have two purposes; Firstly, it gives a strong defensive covering to the substrate and fights against chemical, acids, alkalis, physical assault, corrosion and other odd factors. Anupam Paints has manufactured products as per industry standards. Durability is another important thing we have kept in mind.

Anupam Paints offers
  • High performance, long lasting industrial paints and protective coatings
  • Products give the item a satisfying appearance and this builds its esteem.
  • Fire Retardant coatings for industrial use
  • Expert guidance of surface preparation and technical data for painting
  • Product guidance and full technical support and optimum customer satisfaction
Wall Painting

Wall Painting

Get a new look for your eyes

Putting on a hue of paint is an art. Every stroke of brush breathes a fresh wave of emotion, giving life to your walls, rejuvenating them, and filling your home with positive energy.

New Makeovers

New Makeovers

Because your home deserves the best

We offer cost-effective, luxurious, durable hi-finish paints and coatings manufactured by our own brand also provide end to end painting solution. Embrace the new look of your home.

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Anupam Paints offers high performance, exterior paints which provide outstanding protection for exterior surfaces.

These high-performance paints eliminate solvent hazards and ventilation problems, protect against water, dust, hairline crack, heavy rain and extreme weather. These coatings specially formulated to be resistant to water, household chemicals, corrosion, heat and have high coverage protection.

Anupam Paints leverages world-class technology and innovation to bring you a wide range of paints and decorative coatings with superior features and add on advantages.

Our products were manufactured for the dire need to protect heavy-duty and decorative metals, concrete, wood, plastics and the most demanding applications.

Special Features


Your first line of defense

Anupam Paints have formulated different protective coatings to serve the purpose of long-term protection.


We value the longevity

Protect your dream home from extreme weather and hold the evergreen look for long.

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Child safe

Child's safety first!

We are committed to deliver genuine, high-class products. No harm to your little one!


Serene, bright, sophisticated

Anupam Paints puts a sprinkle of shading into your life with a touch of elegance.