To keep pace with technological advancement in the field of Paints & Coatings, we have acquired technology transfer from DRDO, New Delhi for Paints of vital importance for defense & various industries for long term protection. Anupam Paints & Coatings is the only medium scale company having distinct product-line of new generation industrial coatings. We specialize in high performance products right from production finishes to industrial maintenance. We are committed to Total Customer Satisfaction by adopting Quality in all its activities and by continual improvement.


Intumescent Fire Retardant Coating

Intumescent Fire Retardant Coating is a water based fire retardant latex coating for interior and exterior (top-coating required) applications. When subjected to fire, it swells 60 to 100 times than that of its original thickness forming a stable and inert carbonaceous char which forms a physical barrier between the flame and the substrate. The most common use for intumescent paints in architecture is to provide a beautiful finish and protection on exposed structural steel materials. These can be applied to most metallic and non-metallic surfaces like steel, aluminum, wood, plyboard, plastics, electrical cables, and any surfaces that require protection from fire.

High-performance Exterior Paints

Anupam Paints offers high performance, exterior paints and coatings which provides outstanding protection for exterior surfaces. These high-performance paintings eliminate solvent hazards and ventilation problems, protect against water, dust, hairline crack, waterproofing, and extreme weather. These coatings specially formulated to be resistant to water, heat and have high coverage protection. We offer a full range of interior and exterior paints with a wide variety of customized color palette. Plain, stencil, texture– whatever your pattern is, from choosing the design to getting an expert finish, Anupam Paints will take care of every step.

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