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    What Makes Anupam Industrial Paints a Good Option

    Anupam Enterprises provides specialty products and technical assistance to many diverse facets of heavy-duty industrial coatings. In the eastern part of India, we are the only medium-scale company having a distinct product line of new-generation industrial coatings. We specialize in high-performance products from production finishes to industrial maintenance.

    Services We Offer

    Decorative Paints​

    These paints are formulated to meet the unique requirements of interior and exterior surfaces found in houses, apartments, and other living spaces.

    Industrial Paints

    These paints are designed to meet the unique requirements and challenges posed by high-traffic and often more demanding environments.

    Paints For Mass Projects​

    These paints differ from typical consumer paints used in residential settings in terms of durability, performance, and specific features such as durability.

    Why Choose us

    Anupam Enterprises is Committed to Total Customer Satisfaction by Adopting Quality In All its Activities And By Continual Improvements

    Benefits of Choosing Anupam Enterprises Paints

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Expert Finish

    Cost Efficient


    Unmatched Customer Delight

    Wide Range of Color Palette

    Our Satisfied Customers

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    Steps involved in our painting process

    Like a skilled conductor, we meticulously orchestrate our path towards success.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Get answers to the most common questions asked on home painting.

    The type of room you are painting will influence the color we recommend. If you’re painting a bedroom or bathroom then light, airy colors will help add space to your room. If it is a kitchen you may want earthy paint colors that add a sense of nostalgic peace. 

    White paint colors go well with brown granite especially brown granite countertops. If you are installing brown granite in your kitchen use a light white paint color or another paint color with a yellow hue.

    Picking an exterior paint color is an easy way to add value to your home. Choose clean whites and cool yellows for a traditional modern farmhouse look. Choose blue or gray paint colors for your home if you’re looking for something a bit more avant garde. If you want to paint your house to fit in well with a nature scene use a sage green with olive tones.

    Painting a bedroom in blue paint colors will help with relaxation. Choosing white paint colors or airy bright yellows will help add space to your bedroom and may make it feel bigger.

    Living rooms are a place that welcomes deep colorful tones. Choose living room colors like coffee browns or deep reds for a very classy den atmosphere. Choose other living room paint colors like white or yellow if you have a small living room that you want to add space to.

    While traditionally a flat white paint color is used for ceilings, it isn’t the only ceiling paint color you can choose. For a statement ceiling choose a creamy yellow or a deep green. If it is a front porch ceiling you want to paint choose a sky-ish blue with hints of aqua to help match that downhome southern feel. If you want to add a touch of modern class use a dark taupe or a brown ceiling color.

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