Protective, Beautiful And Durable. That’s What Makes Up Our Specialty

Specialty coatings manufactured by Anupam Paints are perfect for applications that demand safe and consistent function in the presence of environmental and industrial chemicals. Interior or exterior, we offer the highest quality specialty coatings. Surfaces that need protection from chemicals, rust, and degradation by ultra-violet light will benefit from our extensive selection of specialty coatings. Surface-tolerant epoxy coatings are formulated to protect materials from extreme industrial conditions. These coatings are highly corrosion and abrasion-resistant. The high-build specialty coatings have been tested to display 10–15 years of performance in normal atmospheric exposures.
The demand for chemical-resistant industrial coatings is continuously increasing and diversifying, as is the variety of our coatings in this line. Specialty coatings are ideal for high-humidity, low-temperature, or very high-temperature application conditions. Our heavy-duty specialty coatings have been designed to combat corrosion, erosion, abrasion, chemical attacks, temperature extremes, and other destructive conditions.

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